Tuesday, 29 January 2008

10 day - KLPAC Open Day

Can't really seem to put the title 10 day only ...coz it will reduce the hi-lite of the title of the event I'm trying to write I think...*sigh...

start the event of the day where I arrive around 11 am..went with my lovely sis. had a drink first then we went inside KLPaC. look at event shcedule. wanna go to all of the workshops and shows and stuff.so we sit down and decide where to go...end of conclusion. we decide..not really we..I decide..that we go and watch documentry and theater workshop. the documetary title ALice Lives Here...its about the government wants to build an incenerator in a farming village in Broga. ANd how the villagers was against it and how Alice leads them into stoping the goverment from building the incenerator.

when an incenerator is going to be built it has to be buit away 50km radius from the people housing or living area. but the government plan to build it only 2km away from their house. they were force to give up their land in order to build the incenerator. the fight started in the late 90's. i didnt know of such issue because not many local newspaper actually show the report about this matter.

then we had our lunch then went to the teather workshop and rehersal of Uncut Untitled Paperhouse – a triple bill written & directed by Teng Ky-Gan, Johann Lim & Mark Beau de Silva

It was fun there's all sorts of activities with the actors and also some audience.

we went back around 4pm. then only I know they close at 5..what?? so short.

got no pics for the event.coz no camera..coz my house was broken into...wa...

I didnt really know how to tell this but it was scary. and still with the what ifs in my mind..*sigh..