Friday, 28 March 2008

22 Day - Y Should or Should Not

To choose to actually to tell your loves one or not.
Its between your life of your parents approval.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

21 Day - Save and Easy to Calculate

Heard the tag above before? Just direct translate it to malay.

It's shown every hour or probably half an hour.

What is save? Before I look it up in the i'll give a piece of my mind first. In the area of money is concern is that, save brought a meaning of one party gain more than what they use to get. ok now here's from

its obviously gave the same meaning. Who are they trying to fool. yeah its either we gain 1 or 2 cents or we lose one or two cents. But still it doesnt call save. But the tag says we save.
Please change the tag that actually meant the same as it shows.

Easy to calculate?
You're using sempua is it? or you calculate in your head? You're using calculator right? or that thingy called register machine thingy. RIGHT? Or is it easy to calculate for the consumer? if easy to calculate to consumer the price should be no cents at all. Please make a better tagline.

What happen if we make transaction online?
So many flaws...

p/s- me like to complain. LOL

Friday, 21 March 2008

20 Day - Magazines #1

Courtesy of KLue
I haven't bought this one up here. Klue March 2008.

Courtesy of NGEO

and this one up here...(done)
Courtesy of Junk
...and lastly this one... (done)

19 Day - Singing or Lipsynching

Is it a trend now posting about your so-called singing with a guitar. It's the IT thing eh?
And posting your so-called lipsynching. It's great isn't it? Wishing that you got viewed so many time in the youtube. Get a life.

Tha paragraph above should get a big bolded DUH.. that's the largest letter that blogspot alowed. LOL
Hey its your account you can do anything with it k. Like whatever. Cool or not. Horible or not it's your account. Your page. Go ahead and manipulate it. Take charge of it. Do whatever with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.

Why people actually hate whatever.
I like to say whatever rather than ok. to me OK just end there. Whatever makes people don't care or most of the time they'll get frustrated of being not important. OK makes them feel important.Whatever make them feel not important and some just don't care. There are only some who just take whatever just whatever. Most common or rather typically people hate whatever. In this world we deal with typical. Wide market that actually sells. Not the nitch that have high price and overated stuff. I treat most people as typical. If you're not typical I accept it and move on.

K...reason this blog is posted because just want to realese my sort of, kind of tension while blog hopping, blog reading and website searching where I came across a singing website. It collide with the one I'm listening to. This is an exception for the site that actually are for listening alike for example.

K that's all.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

18 Day - Fashion Statement

Hav you seen this blog? It's called I Got Shot In The City. Shows people all ages telling people something in what they are wearing. Or something like that. Here's other sites from the I Got Shot From The City,, and Came across this site from article from this past few months of KLue issue. Forgotten which month of KLue issue.
It's somewhat true what this fella said about fashion in Subang, PJ, Shah Alam, n Damansara. If the comeback was like that,

Aku - "Waah. This place is nice. But it's filled with 'Subang' people."
Rakan - "Eeeeeh! All this people from PJ ok?"

It really shows that this "Rakan" is from Subang. Subang has this sort of habit want to let everyone knows they're from Subang. hav no idea y. And I cared less. Fashion in Damansara. You go to One Utama and you know what I mean. Basically everybody's have the same statement that they want to tell people. In terms of uptodate. Like I care. I only come to Damansara to ogle, to Oohs and Aahs at the GREAT set of wheels all those sort of posh people want to show off their weekend car. Lepak at TTDI famous expensive for nothing Rasta. But still going there. Damansara, the road seem to be congested but not that congested. Sunway when it's congested, it's a capital C, congested.
How I get to see this so call people fashion statement, where else shopping malls or complexes or centres. They gives the same meaning.

1) One Utama. Quite posh sort of mall. It's open for all actually. They have branded stuff like forever 21, Guess, (I'm very BAD with this all sort of branded thingy.) y'know all those expensive stuff. and also affordable sort of normal price stuff (definition of normal price is for shoe to cost less then 50, short sleeve tshirt to cost less than 30, long sleeve tshirt to cost less than 40, blouse to cost less than 60, magazine to cost less than 15, and parking that cost less 5 in 6 hours during weekdays and less 10 during weekend plus for ice cream, sort of malaysian made Nestle not some overrated baskin robin). Normal price stuff from FOS, Jusco, some of Padini stuff, Vinnci, Radioactive.

2) The Curve. It meant for the people who live in TTDI, Bandar Utama and Damansara. Do I need to say anything else? It's been said.

3) Ikano Power Center. Why is it even there? I think it's for those who're from IKEA so lazy to just cross the road to go to The Curve.

4) Cineleisure. Most of the shoplets have normal price except for the most food.

5) Tesco and IKEA. It opens until late. Like other tesco. Why I hate Tesco in Kajang rather than Tesco elsewhere? When it's open. they hav this trolley for kids. small trolley. So if the family have 5 kids all 5 of them wants one. Imagine how hectic it is. And in Kajang they have a few kampungs. When there's kampung there's old people. When the family wants to go for groceries shopping they bring the whole family to the Tesco includes the grandma in the wheelchair. It make things merrier. After a few years the Tesco in Kajang had been open. The management had take back all the small trolley for kids. so no small trolleys. Good. But bringing the whole kampung to buy a few groceries habit still there. Am I being selfish or whatsoever. Ohhh..Whatever.

6) Sunway Pyramid. I used to love shopping for shoes there. But now most like this fella said about cheap things sold at expensive price. Some of us went there for the skating ring or, the bowling or archery(is it still there?) The only normal price that I could find there was in Vinnci, TSC, Cheetah, Radioactive and C Union plus the shops on the same floor as the skating ring. Movie, not all of them came there to watch movie so the line's not that long unless there's a boxoffice thingy like spiderman or harry potter.

7) Subang Parade. Family mall. Not much I think. There's Parkson with a mix of notso normal and normal price of stuff. Not much of a designer stuff some cloths that you can find pretty much everywhere.

8) Carrefour. Some said K4 some Car-foor and some eve sain curry4. How ever ppl pronounced it it still include with the letter c, f and r. They manage to open the 2nd floor for exit counters. Everything else is OK. I love the record store there. I've forgotten the name. It sort of oldshool kindof.

9) Summit USJ. Sort of like SACC Mall in Shah Alam. Go there for their pirated stuff. Clothes for those who wants to wear it. Some called it for those who like to dress as "Cina Jinjang" What's that suppose to mean. Hav no idea. They hav GSC.

10) Amcorp Mall. Only go there for their pirated stuff too. And Flee market. the Smile cinema got rats and cockroaches.

11) Midvalley Megamall. Used to be called the biggest shooping mall in South East Asia. I think. Best Shopping Complex Award 2000 by Mlysian Tourism. Pretty much everything is there. Even Cititel Hotel is cheap.

12) The Garden. Hav no idea. Being compared to Pavillion.

13) Bangsar Shopping Center. It's poshier than Subang Parade I think.

14) Bangsar Village. Posh family shopping complex. Overated store. Sort of a Mat Salleh's family shopping complex. Parking was wayyyyy too expensive. (ONLY PERSONAL VIEW)

15) Suria KLCC. Too crowded to even comment on the place or even people.

16) Pavillion. Hav no idea. Being compared to Garden.

17) Sungai Wang Plaza. Too crowded. It seem that the level of the floor are too low.

18) BB Plaza. Same as Sungai Wang Plaza i guess.

19) Time Square. Bigger version of Sungai Wang Plaza includes with the posh shops, Cinema, food that's not so normal and only MCD seemed normal and theme park.

20) Pertama Complex. Malay version of Sungai Wang Plaza.

21) Sogo. Just another departmental store.

20) Maju Junction. Never been there. I think its like a Malay version of KLCC minus the crowd.

I think that's it. There are probably some more that I did mention but whatever...

17 Day - Don't Know What What

If you can actually translate that. LOL

Some people would just do anything to prove a point that's not worth proving. But sometime its worth it somehow or sort of psychologically.

1. Bulimia nervosa. Taste as much food as you like and then puke it all out. Some may not puke it all out, they actually force all the food out in other word purging, such as fasting, the use of enemas, diuretics or other medications, or overexercising. [1]
I got this info from Wikipedia. My lecturer said that Wikipedia is unreliable source. But wtf. Move on. In the Cleo March 2008 issue there's an article on loose weight when you're sick. This mostly happen during Hari Raya or when there's kenduri kahwin. Constant diarrhoea. The worst diarrhoea I had was last few weeks. I had no idea what cause it. Doctor said that it was from gastric I had. In order the body wants to heal itself, your body will experience constant vomiting or diarrhoea or both. I had diarrhoea for a week. I thought it was normal until it bleed. Urghh... Almost a month now. Still in the process of healing. Now I don't have the urge to eat but I have to eat. So I eat according to time and sometime I forgotten cause I don't feel the hunger. Some may think its great to me its frustrating.

2. Vomiting. I had a friend who puke every single thing that he ate just because that this other friend won't accept this friend to pay for his part of food that he ate. Got what I meant.