Friday, 30 September 2011

61 Days - Wrongly told someone my blog address. Ha ha.

Its a bit messy when u r not a blogger n suddenly someone asked u about ur blog. Look at my update?
January 2011.
Its coming to January 2012, amma.
That old?
Last month I bought " The Upside of Irrationality" by Dam Ariely

No he's not related to Ariel the Mermaid.
and NO you can't "click to LOOK INSIDE!"

Guess what..
The plastic cover still attached to it..
After buying that book.
I've downloaded its e-book.

Than I thought of buying an Ipad or a cheaper version of it. E-book reader...Bleech..

And just now I bought few books at a secluded area book fair near the sea.
Fiction books from Fixi booth.
Ye as promise from my previous post in my other blog.
(Yes, I know.  I should put the links so its easy for people to go and read. Forces do not want to be a thousand thousand excuses. I have no idea who's the programmer that translate this think. Just copy n paste to google translate.)
I bought "Snare" and "Horrible". Seriously a new word for me. Snare? I thought it would a simple word like trap. and Horrible?

Not yet read the book. Will be. FYI. I can't seem to finish to write about the "Book of Stuff" "The Story of Stuff" BUT I finished reading it.
And I bought a few other books.