Monday, 19 January 2009

47 Days - Fictioning

Reasons to NO to FICTION....
1. All of it has a happy ending.
2. What's fact does it consist?
3. It have to be an end.
4. I don't like to imagine but think. The think is I imagine more than I think so I want less than that...see y no to fiction.
5. If the fiction books is for imagining. I make sure the book is totally out of this world. Such as Robert Jordan's and Tolkien or Neil Gaiman.
6. Get me?!!

Book that is known to be sold out.
Currently I know books by Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsella. The old-school author such Danielle Steel, and Judith Mcnaught. All four are romance book writer. Same goes to the Malay novels by Norhayati Berahim's books, and Rozita's Andai Itu Takdirnya. They're selling like hot cakes.

Friday, 9 January 2009

46 Days - Guten Tag!!

But currently now is @ nite. If I said 'guten Nacht' then it'll be like the end and wanna go to sleep.

Returning a phone call,
1: Hey, you called?
2: Yeah, why is it so hard to reach.
(like I care)
1: Previously I was at my aunty's house (yeah right) and come on you called at 3am, y'know. (should've shut the phone though)
2: Really. Just want to say hi. What r u doing now?
1: Same old me. This n that. (why did I call back. Please somebody remind me. PLEASE)
2: Actually, the reason I called you because, I have this cousin...bla...bla....Dubai.....
bla...perfume...I thought maybe you're interested.
1: Oh, really. (trying so hard to be friendly.) But I'm not into perfume.
2: Ha? Not into perfume? What r u into?
1: *chuckle...
2: Is that so. Ok then nice talking to you. See you around, ya.
1: K nice talking to you too. K bye.(What talking?)

Above was not even a conversation. It's selesman selling to a friend on the phone.
It's the current world.

Does this have anything to do with 'guten tag'? Sort of a reason why people says hi.

45 Days - Events 101 #3 - KLPAC OPEN DAY

Been there last year. Hope it'll be as exciting as last year's.