Monday, 12 December 2011

64 Days - The Last Year of Malcolm X

'Anytime I have a religion that oI won't let me fight for my people, I say to hell with that religion. That's why I'm a Muslim'

-Malcolm X

Want this book? E mail me back.

How much? Very much. Ahax. Not funny.

RM 100.00 free postage.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

63 days - I wore hijab

I actually hate the idea of horror. Watch this because my other half just love horror movie.
Horror movies have move bad than good values.
Over all rating for this movie 3 star not because of i hate horror movies just for the sake of..
let me think here's what the movie is all about.
We actually missed the first 10 minutes of the movie because the queue was long.
it shows a group of male hears some one cry or laugh then went out of the car and leave one of the group wife in the car. The wife saw women dance a malay traditional dance with the head cover with yellow cloth.
The women start to chant al-fatihah. Y Chanting. because she expect the ghost to go by praying al-fatihah?
Then something happen to the wife. Then screen shows back to the male group and they were running and when
the husband went back to the car the wife's not there.
Then screen shows family having dinner none of the previous actors were at the dinner table.
They were discussing about their daughter future with her boyfriend Pierre Andre as Rafael leading actor.
The dad don't like the idea of acting as a career and believe that it does not have any future.
He offered him job at his company since they r going to be family some where in the future.
Then comes the awkward laugh.
We'll see.
Then the scene with the girlfriend. She said that he's going to get audi A4 if he works with his dad.
Then scene where a group of people discussing their coming horror movie project with out a hero.
Then they decided to take a look at last year casting tapes and Rafael came to the picture.
Raf received a call offering the part and he went to office to dicuss further.
He told his girlfriend.
Then meeting again offering him RM50k. The directors told him to watch horror movies to feel the character.
Then he told his girlfriend that he's not afraid of ghost because he had not seen one.
Then the girlfriend said that there's an abandon police quarters that he could go.
The went but she did not dare to go in.
The next night he went n still nothing happen to him
Then he asked his girlfriend mom about how to feel afraid of ghost then she told him about hijab that covers human eyes so that they could not see ghost.
He wants his hijab to be open.
Then that night he receive text saying that she could help n come to this address after dawn.
He thought it was his girlfriend mom or something but it was from someone else.
He went there n meeting with a women claim that she was his family old friend n she got his hijab open.
He saw a few ghosts. and then asked permision to close back his hijab. He said that he's not done yet n asking the women to let him see more ghosts and the women warn him that only she has the key and only she could close the hijab back. then mysterious things happen to him when he went back home.
The car won't start. people see he was accompanied by women. Then he went back to the abandon police quarters and saw a few more ghost.
He was afraid like hell.
And finally he ran back home and still the ghost haunts him. He saw the ghost turn into his girlfriend.
And finally he gave up and submit back the script to the producer.
He went back to the women's house to his hijab to close.
Then there were a funeral at the women's house.
He was so scared. with his eyes nearly popped out.
Then the story ends there.

We actually didn't know who died the director made us assume that it was the women.

And all car plats are with J in front of them so I assume the scene was film in Johor.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

62 Days - Someone Died

Yesterdays news, Steve Jobs DEAD.
So today books regarding Steve Jobs will be facing up on the major bookstore's shelves.
The lists?
Google k.

Friday, 30 September 2011

61 Days - Wrongly told someone my blog address. Ha ha.

Its a bit messy when u r not a blogger n suddenly someone asked u about ur blog. Look at my update?
January 2011.
Its coming to January 2012, amma.
That old?
Last month I bought " The Upside of Irrationality" by Dam Ariely

No he's not related to Ariel the Mermaid.
and NO you can't "click to LOOK INSIDE!"

Guess what..
The plastic cover still attached to it..
After buying that book.
I've downloaded its e-book.

Than I thought of buying an Ipad or a cheaper version of it. E-book reader...Bleech..

And just now I bought few books at a secluded area book fair near the sea.
Fiction books from Fixi booth.
Ye as promise from my previous post in my other blog.
(Yes, I know.  I should put the links so its easy for people to go and read. Forces do not want to be a thousand thousand excuses. I have no idea who's the programmer that translate this think. Just copy n paste to google translate.)
I bought "Snare" and "Horrible". Seriously a new word for me. Snare? I thought it would a simple word like trap. and Horrible?

Not yet read the book. Will be. FYI. I can't seem to finish to write about the "Book of Stuff" "The Story of Stuff" BUT I finished reading it.
And I bought a few other books.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

60 Days - Dear..

There's a person telling me that "Dear" is imformal in an email.
Should say "Greetings!", "Hi"...
I wrinkled my eyes n say OK... Look up again...n say Thank you.
Not about that actually.

I know I could check,
I don't want to add stress to my self
or maybe I just seem heartless
I know what I want and sometimes I don't
I know what you want and sometimes I don't care to know
I thought you know what I want
I thought you know I know what you want

You know what you want, DO YOU!!
You thought you know what I want
You thought I know what you want
sigh....triple sigh...