Wednesday, 25 March 2009

56 Days - All I Got For....

I dont get bro did. How cynical..LOL

I got this nAnd THIS...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

55 Days - Books 101 #4 - The Book of General

Some interesting facts is the tallest and the highest mountain. The highest is measured from the sea-level to its peak while tallest is measured from the bottom of the mountain to its peak. So its Mount Kea in Hawaii, it’s an inactive volcano. The bottom of the mountain is under the sea.
What’s the biggest thing a whale could swallow? It’s a grapefruit. Its trout is the same diameter as its belly button. Don’t ask me where’s the belly button. The most dangerous animal is actually a mosquito. To think about it, the book has a point in giving how many people the mosquitoes had killed. Alexander Graham Bell did not invented telephone it was Meucci. He sort of stole it from him because Meucci was sick and can’t speak much English. He got to patent the telephone. And Meucci sue Bell but then Meucci died while the case was still going on. Then 2004 some organization proposed on recognizing Meucci.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

54 Days - Books 101 #3 - Why Do Men

To answer the questions of the book, its simple. When since a male chromosome is XY, when developing as a human, in the womb, in the few weeks of pregnancy, we cannot determine whether its a male or female. the growth of the fetus is the same they'll develop the same main organ as the mail when came a stage of developing the gender then only the fetus change. then only we could know it's a boy or a girl.
I think I explain it correctly.
Another question is why do we need an appendix although we can live without it. Appendix produce antibody and to regenerate cells without it there's other parts that can produce them such as tonsils.
I think I explain it correctly.
There're many questions on alcohol consumption. Whether to take beer before wine or the other way round. Consuming red wine will lessen the probability of heart problem.
And also a lot of question about sex.
Can the penis be broken when it's hard but it's not a bone. Yes it can. the muscle of it is sort of broken. You have to go to ER ASAP. I can't imagine how painfull it is.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

53 Days - Books 101 #2 - 50 Facts

This book is generally about facts. There's about the profit of illegal drugs are the same with pharmaceutical industry. An eye opener to us. The facts around the world. There's also someinfo on US still owing UN a few billions. How much Beckham being paid everyday that still cannot beat on how much Tiger Woods being paid by Nike. Even though it's expensive Nike still want to continue with the contract. There's also about some ancient culture that still being practice such as FGM. It's circumcised for women but usually it should be done when they're an infant but it's being done when they're older. How hurt it could be.

52 Days - Sanitizers

The infamous dettol sanitizer
-Come on. It's like a marketing scam selling something that's been use at the hospital and control environment to be use as our normal life usage.
- FYI in Burger King and to be specific in 1U. They're Bangla worker. NVM them. The thing is they didn't wear a glove. I asked they're using he sanitizer. WHAT? That's your excuse? COME ON. Imagine this you came out of the toilet or just had their lunch. Bangla usually eats with their hands. They didn't wash their hands properly so there's still pieces of curry and stuff. come on even applying the sanitizer it won't get rid of the stain from the hands. then they touch the burgers with their sanitized stain hands. So now I dare not go to Burger King.
-There's an experiment between both soap & water and hand sanitizer. The soap & water plate significantly decreased the number of colonies, including spores, and left only the normal, healthy bacteria that you are supposed to have.The hand sanitizer killed the normal healthy bacteria but afterwards there were nasty spores and yeasty-looking things that took over because the natural bacteria weren't there to fight them. The soap is better, and just the running water itself helps to dislodge things that shouldn't be there.
-To add to that it would make your skin dry.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

51 Days - Quotes 101 #5

1. Bad person talk about other people. This is normally to cover up their own flaw by bring up somebodyelse's flaws.
2. Normal people talk about normal things like current issues. Talk about the weather, talk about the traffic jams, economic. This is normally to people with jobs that is the same each and everyday. Like a clerk, they did the same thing. Each and everyday. Type letters, print this, print that, copy this copy that, fax this fax that, stamp this stamp that.
3. Intelligent people talk about new things. Gives out new opinions. Consult other to do new things. Find out new things.