Thursday, 28 February 2008

16 Day - Courteney Cox:Dirt

Watch it yet?
I found that it's very "susah" to "cari" and "muaturun" this particular series. The series are very exciting. they even post it for free the pilot of the series online. The part where it is very "susah" to "cari" and "muaturun" makes me even want to watch it. Maybe when it already came with a DVD box later in the market.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

15 Day - Torn Apart

It's been delayed..and I had completely forgotten.
As the Fifi the flowertop said, "Oops, I forgotten!"

Thursday, 21 February 2008

14 day - Friends with Benefits

Type of Friends I've been, seem, heard of,

1) Friends that gives you this sort of confidence when you're with them. There's this type of person that make his or her friend as his source to boost his confidence. Being with this friend makes this person more confident in talking, walking, etc. Without this particular friend this person sort of lose his "chi" or what Austin Power said his "mojo".

2) Friends for leisure. To be save they're called hangout friends. You used each other for each other own benefit. None of them lose. If one of them lose or win it doesn't affect the relationship or even power they have since they hold the same power over each other.

3) Friends to show your power. The more the better. This probably happen in the school where students walk in a crowd and follow their leader go. Or probably you'll see most of this situation in a chick flick. the cheerleader is the famous ones..yada...yada...yada...

4) Friends who has a shoulder to cry on. They'll probably say "I understand your situation." Which actually makes things worst because this friend didn't understand the situation.

5) Friends who backstab. This is hard to detect. You'll only know them when they had done the back stabbing thingy. Just be cautious most of the time, selfish sometime, don't bother or be bother in one of the time.

6) Friends you can tell every single thing about your life. BUT don't be fool because this person might tell other people that they think doesn't you don't know each other. Furthermore, you might think that they didn't judge but face it everyone judge in their own way of judging.

7) Friends from school. They usually let you copy or you let them copy homeworks, assignments, lab reports,..etc..They might be your best friends if they live nearby your house or have the latest game in-store or have huge barbie collection. And after 10 or 15 years you'll have sort of reunion or alumni to see who have the poshest car, most handsome hubby or richest BF or vice versa.

8) Friends from work. Differ from the school one because you dont hav reunion or alumni but will be black list if u resign. Usually they'll say that they haven't finish their report but actually they did so that they'll be the first to submit to the superior. Complain this and that person. Comparing wages. Comparing OTs. Became friends if their children are friends with each other. Suddenly could get along during family day or company trip or when bonus slip arrive. Do you call this people friends. Now I know why they hav to change it to colleague.

9) Friends from the NET. You can actually tell them everything without even care if they tell others. You can basically lie to them bcoz they don't even care. Some naive may trust friends from the net, and tell everything to them and believe every single thing the other party said. Most untrustworthy NET friends would want to meet up after a month or even after one conversation of so call chatting. But sometime this so call friend does work out. I've known a few that ended up in marriage and still going strong.

10) Friends from chatting on the TV. Hav no idea. Coz never met such individual and never try the TV chatting thingy. Basically same as friends from the net.

11) Friends you make in the LRT. Don't last. They probably think you're some stalker or some insurance agent or MLM people.

12) Friendster. Just another internet social network service.

13 day - Primary School

Should hav written this earlier..but...I d'know...
Last Saturday, Feb 16, I had this reunion with my ex primary schoolmate. there were 6 of us...Melor, Mai, Manggai, Farah and Caca..They were the same. And I became the same. God I was damn quiet the whole time. not totally mute..just trying to fit in. it was ok for a first time meet. Will be more adjustable later. i think if there's such another later. I just dont understand why I of all people just be out of topic nothing to talk. Speechless. Its just a sudden personility changes from a normal never out of conversation girl to a speechless shy girl.

I found these an abstract on speechlessness.


Causal Attributions, Emotional Features and Social Consequences Charles R. Berger
University of California, Davis

Individuals recalled the most recent time they found themselves speechless during social interaction. In addition to characterizing a number of attributes of the event, Study 1 participants provided causal attributions for their speechlessness, the emotions they experienced before and after the event and the event’s social consequences. Speechlessness emanated from a variety of sources, including violated expectations, extreme emotional states, and lack of knowledge. Surprise was the primary precursor to speechlessness. Neither communication apprehension nor social anxiety was associated with causal attributions for speechlessness or the event’s duration. Study 2 contrasted speechlessness arising from involuntary and voluntary origins. Participants who attributed their speechlessness to strategic causes reported higher levels of guilt and embarrassment but less overall negative affect than those who attributed their speechlessness to less volitional causes. Speechlessness attributed to violated expectations and extreme emotions potentiated more negative relationship consequences than speechlessness attributed to strategic causes. Findings are discussed in terms of message production models and the social consequences of speechlessness.

Reading the abstract. I made myself a few conclusions that.
Reading from the abstract in the first article, there's this element of surprise and extreme emotional state when meeting long lost friend after some what 10 years. There's social consequences.
So to sort of overcome it, what I have to do next time. just make myself comfortable and don't get to attach on the my past self of being quiet. Just think of it like meeting an old friend and have no expectation other than meeting some old friends. Exchanging stories, eh...
I dont hav NE photos of them. Still w8ing for one of them email me.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

12 day - Off and Over the Edge

Upon reading the Maya Karin interview in Off The Edge. it got me interested in the magazine. Bought the magazine by accident. Not really accident just thought that I could buy another magazine coz I already bought all of my must buy magazines. I got to read about Fahmi Reza first then only about Maya Karin. The interview was different from the common interview article. then the magazine became my must buy magazines...waa....another way to waste my money...Then I went to 7eleven to search for the past issue of off the edge magazine yeah i got a hold of 2 past my disapointment is cost the same...urghh...
My first impression on Off the edge was i thought it was one of The Edge kinda like magazine..all those financial abd business magazine. upon buying them it was different.. mother had a point of view that i should have bought ngeo magazine instead of those useless magazines as she said it was. I said it was expensive but actualy its not that rm20 or so its jus rm15 so its worth it for an intellectual magazines. I bought CLEO because its a girl thing. I bought KLue because I need to know the happenings around the city but I didnt really went to all of it. I bought JUNK because of the music but I didnt really listen to the music. B4 this I bought Get A Car coz I want to buy a car magazine that doesnt have a girl posing more than the cars. But then they change their magazine format but not the price. so I stop buying. come on for less than 100 pages for rm10..gotta be kidding.
SO now the list is
1. CLEO - RM 5.60
2. KLue - RM 5
3. JUNK - formerly RM10 now RM6.70
4. NGEO - RM14.90
5. Off the Edge - RM6
will be added to the list is Top Gear Malaysia. RM10
Total of RM48.20 round it up to it a's open for discussion..or it means that people are onto their own opinion.
came upon this article You can be pretty but not smart - A WRITER'S LIFE by Dina Zaman she did compare Maya Karin and Natasha Hudson. and some other writer or what so ever.

11 day - Natasha Liana Hudson

The first blogpost I wrote about this was about her current published books. it was on this site
Celebrity First. I asked about this matter to a few writers coz I cant comment of her writings coz i'm not that expert in that area. but i receive none. that was like almost a year ago. then When i was surfing just now searching under the natasha liana hudson's name. I came out with the blog title of her being a plagiat. then i was like huh???
I know nothing about poetry but it was kinda obvious that her book was kinda an easy way for famous people to make some extra cash. less words and even less picture. ok about the less words probably there's a literature in it i suppose since she plagiat some classic poems i guess. I appreciate litreature whether its english or malay. though i dont know how to judge it. i leave the judging part to the experts. but when I know they plagiat. it was like huh?? U think people wont found out? u think we dont know what internet is? are we malaysian still lives on tree? huh??even the orang asli is now educated, y'know. there are a lot of experts that would actually discover it coz malaysians are not only into science and math they also learn about litreature and stuff. since you're only hav a degree in not litreature or creative writing. the least you could do is sells your plagiat works cheap. people say good poems write by their author but great poems plagiat by other author...yeah original is now overated translation from the original poems are very very low. and telling people its yours. yeah right.
And to the star's AZHARIAH KAMIN who wrote Nice work, Natasha . how you cannot detect that she plagiat you're a writer yourself.
this is the first blogpost on her plagiarism
Natasha Mcgough Hudson by Jannah Raffali
This was her comeback
Natasha Similar Hudson by Jannah Raffali
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Natasha Overboard Hudson by Jannah Raffali
then she close her blogspot blog..LOL
I think her email address still exist...Natasha Liana Hudson's Email
The comparison of her works (her works yeah right)
Fool Us Thrice, Shame On the Lies by Jannah Raffali
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From other bloggers
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ok the part where she should leave the country sort of exegerating right. she not that Datuk Siti Nurhaliza or something she's just Datin Natasha Hudson which if we show her pics in the public most ppl will say..this is someone famous right? but not knowing her name..come on Chermin was not that boxoffice. is it? correct me if i'm wrong.
most of the blogger was right. she shouldnt deny it. just admit it and appologise. then the bloggers would hav just stop writing about it. right...hahaha...your misbehaving doesnt really effect the public. you are not some idol that people look up kids had ever say when I grow up I want to be Natasha Hudson right...or probably they will if they're into plagirism...wait a minute most kids did plagiat...copy lab report, copy homework...etc...but not everyone copy poems and make it a book about the poems like their own..
Tiru Macam Saya by Melayu Minimalis
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Now they're making hudson all sort of hudson thingy...they should just put it as natasha coz hudson's like involving her family..kinda sad right..but when you're out there you also bring your family's name so face the consiquences...
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Just about a month there're so many blogposts..
want more just google k.
Anyway I already given awful lots of posts....LOL

Last year just a week after the natasha Hudson's books was launch I went to MPH (not because of the launched of the book though) to check out some magazines. When I went in there's a few books was on display then I came across both of NH books. I didnt flip first. I look at the price. At first I thought this must be some what RM20. Then it was RM30. Whoa..That much for this new writer. I was like whatever. My first impression was she just wanna be like those famous people who wants to try to write. and another whatever. You do what you like. BUT you'll never going to see me buying you books though. Then I flip through less pics and even less words. Then I suppose this is for collectors then. I'm a collector but I'm not the person who collects something that to me is an overated book. I can't comment on the writting coz I dont know what makes a good poem.
Talking about overated. Imagine that book was written by someone famous like...A.Samad Said..(with his work..coz he doesnt plagiat.) I would bought the RM30. (this is before I knew about the plagiarism) because its A. Samad Said. I didnt buy it because its RM30 combine with it was written by someone not that famous and not that familiar in the literature world.
Since the book doesnt hav a review from anywhere. I google about her and her books. No one actually comment about it. Just a few news about her publishing not one but 2 books. I asked a few author to make comments but I received NONE. Probably they didnt like to judge. Coz its ART.
Y'know, if you dont get an A in English you can't write a good poem.
if you dont get an A in Malay Language you cant write a good poem.
I surf her website. (now It says coming soon.) No one review on her books.
Then I look at the experience and her history. She dont hav a degree on writing..if I'm not mistaken it was in fashion or design i think.Not related to writing. so My conclusion during that time was the same as my first impression.
After a few months later but kinda like too late already. I found out that she plagiat. *sigh
All I hav to say was is...EXPECTED. And now the blogger who brought this thing to surface is famous. LOL...whatever...
To jannah, Do y'know the existance of this book before January 2008?
If not, you should hav seen the overated treatment she gets on her book display. FYI the book's still on the shelf in MPH.
p/s-I'm not commenting because of my high knowledge on literature. BUT just as someone who's waiting for some review on NH books.