Sunday, 22 June 2008

35 Day - Experiment #1

A guy is call handsome when he have a strong and sharp jaw. I so-call have a fine structure that it made me look presentable. As expected there will be a but. The structure alone doesn't really make me look HOT. so applying some colour to my face, lip, cheek and eye. There I am. It made me look not HOT just that people want to look twice to. THAT what the lies in make up made u look. Isn't it typical.
I only make myself that FAKE for only 2 days. What happen?
Day 1. As expected. Colleagues was shocked. Asking Why? Do I have a date? ETC.
People that I deal with everyday that doesn't have any intention of asking even my name suddenly talk to me. And have a conversation.
Day 2. Same as day 1.
Day 3. Complete the opposite of day 1 and day 2.
This prove how judgy pple are.

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