Tuesday, 26 August 2008

42 Day - Unauthorized Comment

I maybe not eligible to make comments one how people think or how people reaction towards certain things because I'm not that great thinker or great philosopher or what not. It's just occur to me that its getting more serious and just getting fed up with some issue that been brought up by some un authorise ppl. I know ppl might say who am I to comment and judge when I say who are they to judge. Though I haven't said anything yet. This include many issues of something compulsory to be done but ppl might not do it and ppl comment on some ppl that do it but not entirely DO that particular thing wholely. Yeah..yeah confusing statement... maybe some example might clear things up.

I know..I know..It's for guys only. There's a hadith or what not saying that if you miss 3 Friday prayer for no particular reason, they'll be murtad. So they went for the Friday prayer every fortnight. WHO ARE YOU TO BE PLAYING WITH GOD. You manipulate the god's order by manipulate the hadith. It's been said it's compulsory. except you have a very valid reason for it. Then some might say that you're a girl what do you know about Friday prayer. I've been to Friday prayer b4 in Mecca.It's not that bad at all. you just sit listen and pray. I may not be some ustazah to be lecturing ppl about fardhu 'ain. But this is the issue. then some might say at least i went for the friday prayer not like some people. On the other world there will be no one to back you up. There'll be no pointing finger of he didn't do it too. It'll be only you. the other people who are not doing the fardhu 'ain also gonna get it. I'm only human me too had done or still doing something sinful act but through time I'm trying to be somebody better each day. Start a day with a change to be better.

I've read blog entries about this so many times includes by Melayu Minimalis and Sue Anna Joe. they had their own ways of expressing their opinion as much says by Melayu Minimalis, aku tak peduli means I don't care what you think. I don't care that much either. Of what ppl think of me. But can't ppl except it as its compulsory to where hijjab and not criticize whether they wear it out of fashion, whether they wear it properly or not, whether they wear it but not suit the attire and occasion, whether they have the attitude that suit the hijjab. Or for what other reason. IT'S COMPULSORY. End of it. Most of it because we don't want people to say what they think us. but then I heard the 'aku tak peduli' statement. Not what god says. We pray for god's not for other ppl. other ppl opinion doesn't really matter in god's eye. Some might say it's not really suit the attire to be wearing hijjab when you're pierce and what not. they think. ppl think. it depends on your reason or some might say 'niat' piercing might boost your confidence level. So go ahead then. But imagine piercing when you're going for tarawikh. Yes some might say not suitable. Because we're in the god's house. There's much more to it then god's house itself. Like I said don't care what ppl think just god's opinion. BUT in the god's house we're there because we want to pray not show off our piercings right. So no need the piercing stuff. We're in the god house we have to be modest. Even the telekung, baju melayu and sarong not advicable to be wearing the glitters and something that attract ppl to see. We should just be wearing plain white or somehting common so during prayers everyone could concentrate in their prayer. same goes to those ppl who went for umrah and haj. Think of what's the reasons of haj and umrah. Then also the girls wearing hijjab might not wearing it properly. with the neck showing, with the short sleeves and all sort of things. then ppl might say better that she don't where them at all. that's not just it. Yes they cover the aurat where they want to cover them and should be they cover all. Yes it's true. So let be it. it's just the same with ppl wearing hijjab with neck showing and short sleeves and pple wearing long sleeves with no hijjab. there's a sin in every aurat you show. It's not about wearing a hijjab or not it's whether you cover your aurat or not. Ppl blaming the hijjab for every issue saying wearing hijjab but not went for the five prayer. But ppl not wearing hijjab complete five prayer. It's not that wearing hijjab or not wearing hijjab determine your faith to god or determine your action in life or anything that touch the attitude. They got a sin for not doing their prayer but not for their aurat and the other got their sin for not covering their aurat but not for completing their prayer. Every thing that I've said above is like now everyone is kinda like playing with god's rule. Manipulate god's order.

In every aspect where attitude came it's have to be individual roleplay. Like the title, this is an unauthorised comment by some princess who listen, read and ask about religion from the authorise ppl. not some observer.

to Sue Anna Joe and Melayu Minimalis it's nothing personal. Me too have some opinion on some thing. Just sharing.

Ther'll be some addition to this entry but l8er.

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