Friday, 9 January 2009

46 Days - Guten Tag!!

But currently now is @ nite. If I said 'guten Nacht' then it'll be like the end and wanna go to sleep.

Returning a phone call,
1: Hey, you called?
2: Yeah, why is it so hard to reach.
(like I care)
1: Previously I was at my aunty's house (yeah right) and come on you called at 3am, y'know. (should've shut the phone though)
2: Really. Just want to say hi. What r u doing now?
1: Same old me. This n that. (why did I call back. Please somebody remind me. PLEASE)
2: Actually, the reason I called you because, I have this cousin...bla...bla....Dubai.....
bla...perfume...I thought maybe you're interested.
1: Oh, really. (trying so hard to be friendly.) But I'm not into perfume.
2: Ha? Not into perfume? What r u into?
1: *chuckle...
2: Is that so. Ok then nice talking to you. See you around, ya.
1: K nice talking to you too. K bye.(What talking?)

Above was not even a conversation. It's selesman selling to a friend on the phone.
It's the current world.

Does this have anything to do with 'guten tag'? Sort of a reason why people says hi.

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