Sunday, 18 April 2010

59 - Book 101 # 5 The Story of Stuff (Intro)

FYI the books made of recycled paper and recycleable. Ink of Soy. But it doesn't stated TCF (totally chlorine free). TCF ussually in the European country. The price is RM99.90. Hardback.
You got to watch the video before the book then you understand whole STUFF process.
It tells us on how author Annie Leonard come across STUFF. She follow the route of stuff.
The cycle of Stuff. How Stuff connection with national and international economic.
How come earth have so many stuff. Why that people need so many stuff. Why is it more expensive to repair than to buy a new one.
Explaining on how stuff actually ruining the earth.

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Ungu said...

stuff rosakkan planet. couldn't agree more.

heck, i hv more stuff in my room compared to stuff sold in Giant.