Monday, 12 March 2012

66 Days - Adnan Tights 2, Tortoise Love and Bunohan

refer as Adnan Sempit 2, Cinta Kura-Kura and Bunohan.

1. Because I love the number prequel.
2. Because Tiz was cute and it's a KRU's.
3. Because of Zaharil and Faizal Hussein.

Disapointed by Adnan's flow of stories.
KRU. Apakah cerita ini? "What's the story are try to tell us?"
Faizal have to fluent his Kelantanese. What? But over all it's great. not OK but great.

Bunohan. Watch it. A different side of Malay Movie. Not a Gol & Gincu sort of Malay-different-side-movie but real Malay Movie.

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