Wednesday, 9 May 2012

67 Days - KLIBF 2012

The line was crap at KLIBF.
Books found not at best discount.
But manage to buy more than 10 books. 4 non Fiction books. The rest are fictions.
Fictions may be full of dirts but that's the dirts in here.
Which is real. A bit cleaner than in the paper.
But not a fairy tale like in the TV.
A few FIXIs and books from their booth since I told them I would say I was disapointed with Jerat. OK fine a single black sheep doesn't effect the whole bunch of white sheep. New element with Ngeri. That's the point I would like to consider buying a new one. So I asked the PIC which new one are good. First they give me all the "we are publisher" CRAP. At the end of the sentence they recommends me Licik.
Still in plastic cover.
I bought Cekik first because of its gone to second print and its not in MPH or Popular. Read the few pages. I don't get it. But will continue reading it because the author gave me the "you are a tudung fella you should not read my book please return it to the shelve" look. and he's an author without a pen by his side. and he did not give me any note on the book I bought that he signed. and this is his sort of first FIXI and he had a second one i think.
Ha. I bought Kougar but not at KLIBF 2012 but at MPH a few months a go but always left it somewhere too far to reach so just finished it about 2 weeks ago.
Ok. Straightforward. Not an author I'm waiting for but still I bought Tabu. Which is still in plastic cover. But still curious on how did he receives anugerah Bakat Muda Selangor 2011. Not a good piece though. I think I have to reread Kougar later.
There's also Lejen Press which I choose their book carefully since they don't have Kitab Terfaktab 1. I won't go for 2 because I haven't seen number 1.
They are a bit particular with discount. Come on its THE book fair you have to give discount.
Buy your T-Shirt and get an extra discount. What??
What so special with your T-shirt? So not a good ads. Seriously. Since I was disapointed with Senyum Kerang because of the "laugh at your own joke" stories. I bought Senyum Kerang because it has the best cover quality among the other Lejen Press books. And the booth helper recomend me to buy another Aisa Linglung. Ok. Let me finish Senyum Kerang first. Like hell. I'll quote a "laugh at your own joke line"

Novel ini pula konsepnya lebih berat berbanding Sengih Kerang. Namun keberatannya bukanlah seberat gajah, sampai kau tak mampu nak angkat. ("WTF?!!") Ianya karya yang meceritakan kepelbagaian identiti. Kecamuk identiti itu diatur dalam penceritaan seorang yang bernama 'aku'. Kalau tak boleh langsung baca carutan dan bahasa kasar, jangan baca novel ini. Di dalamnya berselerak perkataan bangang, fuck, pukimak dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Mengerti? (No I don't get you darlling)

I would say what the? Please write for PTS than write again with Lejen Press then you know what's writing is all about. or at least try to read Burgempark.
I googled sperma cinta. Now I know why the author write a 2.0 version because the first one was a hit. and that's why they gave the author a few good treats with a better quality cover.


Just please don't ask me to read Jusoh Turbo. It will make the author writes more "laugh at your own joke" book. I had enough of "Karipap-Karipap Cinta" from a well known publisher.

Since Faisal Tehrani is the talk of the town I bought 3 of his books. 2 from DBP and another from ITBM. Perempuan Nan Bercinta

Also bought 4 books from the Turkish booth. The books was expensive at Kinokuniya the gave a better bargain.

Ha. I met my favourite artist. Its the Mambo series. The best. Also met his cute wife. They took my oily tired face. manage to put on a smile. Hell. also add them on my FB. not Hell.


hope i finished reading them before the next Big Bad Wolf and KLIBF 2013.

*wink... *wink...
no time to insert a pic.

update 16 May 2012....with pictures.
Happy Teacher's Day.
Love all teachers.

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