Wednesday, 16 May 2012

68 Days - Chow Kit and Brave Kid

Since we watched Chow Kit first. Consist of 2 stories of different people but in the same community. It also shows 2 different problem. Problem with children of Chow Kit and the adult of Chow Kit.

Yup a lot of drama.

The movie style sort of like Cinta by Khabir Bakhtiar.

It was said to be a true story from the Chow Kit kids.

Actors all act to their scene only some of the children. Well children. They didn't carry their character strong enough.

I'm just glad there's no Fasha Sandha or Aaron Aziz in the movie. This movie will show how the actors do their part. Showing the character rather than the actor. But still they still have to have a face.

But disappointed that the issue they brought up is still under cover and they do not reveal all. What actually happen in Chow Kit. What do they actually do? Why they are like that? A lot of question.

And also there are some NGOs doing their part but we the public need to support but we need to know first what, where, who and why.

Just watched it just now.

The comedy is still Afdhlin Shauki's movie.
Afdhlin's style. It have a storyline.

This movie is like a "Maria Mercedes". Thailand speaking mouth and a Malay voice. Most of the voice in Afdhlin. So you get a girl, man and "pondan" voice of Afdhlin.

Its a good laugh.


I don't know it sort of lack of something.


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