Wednesday, 26 March 2008

21 Day - Save and Easy to Calculate

Heard the tag above before? Just direct translate it to malay.

It's shown every hour or probably half an hour.

What is save? Before I look it up in the i'll give a piece of my mind first. In the area of money is concern is that, save brought a meaning of one party gain more than what they use to get. ok now here's from

its obviously gave the same meaning. Who are they trying to fool. yeah its either we gain 1 or 2 cents or we lose one or two cents. But still it doesnt call save. But the tag says we save.
Please change the tag that actually meant the same as it shows.

Easy to calculate?
You're using sempua is it? or you calculate in your head? You're using calculator right? or that thingy called register machine thingy. RIGHT? Or is it easy to calculate for the consumer? if easy to calculate to consumer the price should be no cents at all. Please make a better tagline.

What happen if we make transaction online?
So many flaws...

p/s- me like to complain. LOL


Acat said...

i totally agree with u on this one. actually we might even pay more because most items at the supermarket are all ending with 9. 99 cents. 89 cents. so all this would be rounded up. so where got save??

Puteri Gunung Ledang said...

Sort of true but how are we going to resolve this. It sort of a dead end issue. Now I don't know how to get my full bag of 1 cent coins. The bank wont except it. Then they ask me to go to Bank Negara to get a change of not more that RM10 of 1 cent coins