Friday, 21 March 2008

19 Day - Singing or Lipsynching

Is it a trend now posting about your so-called singing with a guitar. It's the IT thing eh?
And posting your so-called lipsynching. It's great isn't it? Wishing that you got viewed so many time in the youtube. Get a life.

Tha paragraph above should get a big bolded DUH.. that's the largest letter that blogspot alowed. LOL
Hey its your account you can do anything with it k. Like whatever. Cool or not. Horible or not it's your account. Your page. Go ahead and manipulate it. Take charge of it. Do whatever with it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.

Why people actually hate whatever.
I like to say whatever rather than ok. to me OK just end there. Whatever makes people don't care or most of the time they'll get frustrated of being not important. OK makes them feel important.Whatever make them feel not important and some just don't care. There are only some who just take whatever just whatever. Most common or rather typically people hate whatever. In this world we deal with typical. Wide market that actually sells. Not the nitch that have high price and overated stuff. I treat most people as typical. If you're not typical I accept it and move on.

K...reason this blog is posted because just want to realese my sort of, kind of tension while blog hopping, blog reading and website searching where I came across a singing website. It collide with the one I'm listening to. This is an exception for the site that actually are for listening alike for example.

K that's all.

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