Saturday, 14 March 2009

54 Days - Books 101 #3 - Why Do Men

To answer the questions of the book, its simple. When since a male chromosome is XY, when developing as a human, in the womb, in the few weeks of pregnancy, we cannot determine whether its a male or female. the growth of the fetus is the same they'll develop the same main organ as the mail when came a stage of developing the gender then only the fetus change. then only we could know it's a boy or a girl.
I think I explain it correctly.
Another question is why do we need an appendix although we can live without it. Appendix produce antibody and to regenerate cells without it there's other parts that can produce them such as tonsils.
I think I explain it correctly.
There're many questions on alcohol consumption. Whether to take beer before wine or the other way round. Consuming red wine will lessen the probability of heart problem.
And also a lot of question about sex.
Can the penis be broken when it's hard but it's not a bone. Yes it can. the muscle of it is sort of broken. You have to go to ER ASAP. I can't imagine how painfull it is.

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