Tuesday, 17 March 2009

55 Days - Books 101 #4 - The Book of General

Some interesting facts is the tallest and the highest mountain. The highest is measured from the sea-level to its peak while tallest is measured from the bottom of the mountain to its peak. So its Mount Kea in Hawaii, it’s an inactive volcano. The bottom of the mountain is under the sea.
What’s the biggest thing a whale could swallow? It’s a grapefruit. Its trout is the same diameter as its belly button. Don’t ask me where’s the belly button. The most dangerous animal is actually a mosquito. To think about it, the book has a point in giving how many people the mosquitoes had killed. Alexander Graham Bell did not invented telephone it was Meucci. He sort of stole it from him because Meucci was sick and can’t speak much English. He got to patent the telephone. And Meucci sue Bell but then Meucci died while the case was still going on. Then 2004 some organization proposed on recognizing Meucci.

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