Wednesday, 4 March 2009

52 Days - Sanitizers

The infamous dettol sanitizer
-Come on. It's like a marketing scam selling something that's been use at the hospital and control environment to be use as our normal life usage.
- FYI in Burger King and to be specific in 1U. They're Bangla worker. NVM them. The thing is they didn't wear a glove. I asked they're using he sanitizer. WHAT? That's your excuse? COME ON. Imagine this you came out of the toilet or just had their lunch. Bangla usually eats with their hands. They didn't wash their hands properly so there's still pieces of curry and stuff. come on even applying the sanitizer it won't get rid of the stain from the hands. then they touch the burgers with their sanitized stain hands. So now I dare not go to Burger King.
-There's an experiment between both soap & water and hand sanitizer. The soap & water plate significantly decreased the number of colonies, including spores, and left only the normal, healthy bacteria that you are supposed to have.The hand sanitizer killed the normal healthy bacteria but afterwards there were nasty spores and yeasty-looking things that took over because the natural bacteria weren't there to fight them. The soap is better, and just the running water itself helps to dislodge things that shouldn't be there.
-To add to that it would make your skin dry.

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