Thursday, 8 November 2007

1 Day

Yesterday i told some one almost everything 'bout me self.
I can't really make it up to tell everythng...
coz later it will just back fire me right..
Yesterday is it? Nah not really yesterday. Just one of those day.
Come to the right sense of mind, and to think about it doesnt change the situation that the problem is there right.
Problem that's not for us to be solve is something that we should learn how to cope.
How to cope with problem, eh?
Some people did some stupid things in order for them to cope with their problem.
Hurting themselves. Thinking that the problem could just go away when the wounds heals.
But does it really go away?
It doesnt go away because the problem is not for us. It's someone else's problem. Just that the problem involving person that we love and it causes by someone that we love too. Stuck between a big rock and a high rise wall.
How to cope with the problem, eh?
Seeing things in a positive way. Taking things in a positive way. How do we know what is positive and what is not positive (negative eh..LOL)
Friends? Do we really needs them?
At times yes. But all the time? I don't know. 

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