Saturday, 24 November 2007

4 Day

Forget Other Commitment Until Success
Do I want to be success?
Does anybody ask me that?
Everybody assume that I want to be success.
Ok..ok..I want to be success.
Really..really want to be success.
Today I just said to someone that I'm sick of trying to please everyone.
And someone reply please yourself then u can relax pleasing everyone.
Huh??..or just a *sigh..
And today i just lost a friend. Lost it or friend just went away. Really went away.
"OK. after this you just delete my no k."
That's lost right?
Just find a new one.
What do I need actually?
What's a hope?
I thought I saw a light in my dark valley.
But when I go nearer it was only a candle next to a fan.
When I arrive to take the candle the fan blew it away.
Why did I even go to the candle anyway.
I know that candle won't last.
I thought I saw hope and something that is actually knew I exist and know that I am lost.
But then its just illusions.
How can someone could give up a friend?
Someone gives me hope.
Someone just give up on me.

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