Friday, 16 November 2007

3 Day

Its been long since I updated this blog.
A lot had happen in this few days.
Cheated, lies, used...
Probably me that cheats. But in my heart its innocent. Sometime things are better left unsaid. So everyone can live happily ever after..*sigh..
Other person lied. Promise me a small room to shout at but its actually not a small room. I did not receive a room even a space for me to shout out. How do I trust this other person. Why giving someone hope but denying it in the end. Is it apologies that I look forward to. Or just a small room the been offered to me. Said that you have to know who to talk to. Scared I found the wrong person to talk to. I always misjudge people. misjudge people. Listen to people more than to myself. If I listen to myself more I wouldnt hav misjudge people. *sigh..
What's done is done. No meaning of turning back time..
I just feel being used and sometime used otehr people for my own interest. I don't know..*sigh
Soooooo many issues......

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