Wednesday, 20 February 2008

12 day - Off and Over the Edge

Upon reading the Maya Karin interview in Off The Edge. it got me interested in the magazine. Bought the magazine by accident. Not really accident just thought that I could buy another magazine coz I already bought all of my must buy magazines. I got to read about Fahmi Reza first then only about Maya Karin. The interview was different from the common interview article. then the magazine became my must buy magazines...waa....another way to waste my money...Then I went to 7eleven to search for the past issue of off the edge magazine yeah i got a hold of 2 past my disapointment is cost the same...urghh...
My first impression on Off the edge was i thought it was one of The Edge kinda like magazine..all those financial abd business magazine. upon buying them it was different.. mother had a point of view that i should have bought ngeo magazine instead of those useless magazines as she said it was. I said it was expensive but actualy its not that rm20 or so its jus rm15 so its worth it for an intellectual magazines. I bought CLEO because its a girl thing. I bought KLue because I need to know the happenings around the city but I didnt really went to all of it. I bought JUNK because of the music but I didnt really listen to the music. B4 this I bought Get A Car coz I want to buy a car magazine that doesnt have a girl posing more than the cars. But then they change their magazine format but not the price. so I stop buying. come on for less than 100 pages for rm10..gotta be kidding.
SO now the list is
1. CLEO - RM 5.60
2. KLue - RM 5
3. JUNK - formerly RM10 now RM6.70
4. NGEO - RM14.90
5. Off the Edge - RM6
will be added to the list is Top Gear Malaysia. RM10
Total of RM48.20 round it up to it a's open for discussion..or it means that people are onto their own opinion.
came upon this article You can be pretty but not smart - A WRITER'S LIFE by Dina Zaman she did compare Maya Karin and Natasha Hudson. and some other writer or what so ever.

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