Thursday, 21 February 2008

13 day - Primary School

Should hav written this earlier..but...I d'know...
Last Saturday, Feb 16, I had this reunion with my ex primary schoolmate. there were 6 of us...Melor, Mai, Manggai, Farah and Caca..They were the same. And I became the same. God I was damn quiet the whole time. not totally mute..just trying to fit in. it was ok for a first time meet. Will be more adjustable later. i think if there's such another later. I just dont understand why I of all people just be out of topic nothing to talk. Speechless. Its just a sudden personility changes from a normal never out of conversation girl to a speechless shy girl.

I found these an abstract on speechlessness.


Causal Attributions, Emotional Features and Social Consequences Charles R. Berger
University of California, Davis

Individuals recalled the most recent time they found themselves speechless during social interaction. In addition to characterizing a number of attributes of the event, Study 1 participants provided causal attributions for their speechlessness, the emotions they experienced before and after the event and the event’s social consequences. Speechlessness emanated from a variety of sources, including violated expectations, extreme emotional states, and lack of knowledge. Surprise was the primary precursor to speechlessness. Neither communication apprehension nor social anxiety was associated with causal attributions for speechlessness or the event’s duration. Study 2 contrasted speechlessness arising from involuntary and voluntary origins. Participants who attributed their speechlessness to strategic causes reported higher levels of guilt and embarrassment but less overall negative affect than those who attributed their speechlessness to less volitional causes. Speechlessness attributed to violated expectations and extreme emotions potentiated more negative relationship consequences than speechlessness attributed to strategic causes. Findings are discussed in terms of message production models and the social consequences of speechlessness.

Reading the abstract. I made myself a few conclusions that.
Reading from the abstract in the first article, there's this element of surprise and extreme emotional state when meeting long lost friend after some what 10 years. There's social consequences.
So to sort of overcome it, what I have to do next time. just make myself comfortable and don't get to attach on the my past self of being quiet. Just think of it like meeting an old friend and have no expectation other than meeting some old friends. Exchanging stories, eh...
I dont hav NE photos of them. Still w8ing for one of them email me.

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