Thursday, 21 February 2008

14 day - Friends with Benefits

Type of Friends I've been, seem, heard of,

1) Friends that gives you this sort of confidence when you're with them. There's this type of person that make his or her friend as his source to boost his confidence. Being with this friend makes this person more confident in talking, walking, etc. Without this particular friend this person sort of lose his "chi" or what Austin Power said his "mojo".

2) Friends for leisure. To be save they're called hangout friends. You used each other for each other own benefit. None of them lose. If one of them lose or win it doesn't affect the relationship or even power they have since they hold the same power over each other.

3) Friends to show your power. The more the better. This probably happen in the school where students walk in a crowd and follow their leader go. Or probably you'll see most of this situation in a chick flick. the cheerleader is the famous ones..yada...yada...yada...

4) Friends who has a shoulder to cry on. They'll probably say "I understand your situation." Which actually makes things worst because this friend didn't understand the situation.

5) Friends who backstab. This is hard to detect. You'll only know them when they had done the back stabbing thingy. Just be cautious most of the time, selfish sometime, don't bother or be bother in one of the time.

6) Friends you can tell every single thing about your life. BUT don't be fool because this person might tell other people that they think doesn't you don't know each other. Furthermore, you might think that they didn't judge but face it everyone judge in their own way of judging.

7) Friends from school. They usually let you copy or you let them copy homeworks, assignments, lab reports,..etc..They might be your best friends if they live nearby your house or have the latest game in-store or have huge barbie collection. And after 10 or 15 years you'll have sort of reunion or alumni to see who have the poshest car, most handsome hubby or richest BF or vice versa.

8) Friends from work. Differ from the school one because you dont hav reunion or alumni but will be black list if u resign. Usually they'll say that they haven't finish their report but actually they did so that they'll be the first to submit to the superior. Complain this and that person. Comparing wages. Comparing OTs. Became friends if their children are friends with each other. Suddenly could get along during family day or company trip or when bonus slip arrive. Do you call this people friends. Now I know why they hav to change it to colleague.

9) Friends from the NET. You can actually tell them everything without even care if they tell others. You can basically lie to them bcoz they don't even care. Some naive may trust friends from the net, and tell everything to them and believe every single thing the other party said. Most untrustworthy NET friends would want to meet up after a month or even after one conversation of so call chatting. But sometime this so call friend does work out. I've known a few that ended up in marriage and still going strong.

10) Friends from chatting on the TV. Hav no idea. Coz never met such individual and never try the TV chatting thingy. Basically same as friends from the net.

11) Friends you make in the LRT. Don't last. They probably think you're some stalker or some insurance agent or MLM people.

12) Friendster. Just another internet social network service.

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