Thursday, 3 April 2008

24 Day - Pak Ungku

Professor Diraja Tun Dr. Ungku Abdul Aziz bin Ungku Abdul Hamid

This is the full name includes with the title. I got this thanks to this so call unreliable Wikipedia.
I listen to his so call talk at Radio24. The talk open a new perception in a few things currently in Malaysia. The talk mainly focus on the economy in Malaysia. Here's a few things that I heard in my own words of course. Its not according to the sequence of the talk.

Discipline In The Society

Malaysian being said to be lack of discipline. The easiest example given was to look at the primary school children. We compare school children age 7 to 9 in Malaysia and school children at the same age range in the west. We only compare the handwriting. We pick out 10 children from Malaysia and 10 children from the west. If you can see the handwriting of children from Malaysia and from the west, there are 10 different style of handwriting given by the children from Malaysia and 10 almost the same style of handwriting by the children from the west. This show the indiscipline of school children in Malaysia.
Also being said that the primary school teachers did not focus on the students handwriting. The teachers actually did not target the students to write uniformly but to only focus on the getting the students know how to write and read. The only uniform handwriting that could be found is in their 3 lines notebook. But in other notebook and exercise book you could see different style of handwriting given by the children. People would say that they are still in practice to write. This scenario also the same with the older age range in the primary school.

Iskandar Development Region (IDR)

The report of the IDR had been read by Pak Ungku and he said that it was great and impressive. The report was the theory of IDR. It said that it open 50,000 job opportunity and all the good things that it will bring to the state and country. What it lack of is that the practical of it. How are they going to run the IDR until it provide the 50,000 job opportunity. In the report doesn't say where the 50, 000 job opportunity going to be.
He also said that Johor has been in good luck. Since he's a johorian he maybe one-sided. Throughout the history, Johor was not influence by the colonialism. That was in the past but now to ensure the harmonies of Johor it must not involve themselves with the corruptions and keep its integrity.
In the previous 12th General Election, the government promote the concept of IDR. Being asked about the state of Selangor was now in the hand of the opposition party how is it effecting its economy. The economy may grow as usual because of the infrastructure is complete.
Pak Ungku also suggest that the government should make a corridor or something like a highway in the Sabah and Sarawak to develop both of the state more efficiently. The government should concentrate on Sabah and Sarawak development.

Terminology Usage

The change of the term "rasuah" to "integriti". The term integrity may sound better but the effectiveness of the word itself may be less. This is because of the term "integriti" will be widen the usage of perspective of it which include in the doing each person duty, giving out task, sincerity, etc. With the change of the term some people may thing that the government is now not focus on the corruption. The term "rasuah" is more effective because its direct, and easy to understand. Everyone will be clear on the mission is to eliminate corruption. The term integrity may weakens the mind because the term is not strong enough.

My personal criticize on this is why the sudden change of the term? They like to change the term when something BIG happen to the country. Remember when the police change the "Cepat dan Betul" to "Mesra, Cepat dan Betul". What had happen before they change it? See what I mean.

Since Pak Ungku used to study in Japan. He also said that even though the culture in Japan does not do all this corruption crap, the people in Japan are the same in every where else in the world even compare with Indonesia, US, Malaysia, in the Japan, corruption still there. They're no difference.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

To begin with Kelantan that has not been develop rapidly like other state. We cannot judge Kelantan now after the GE. We have to give them time 5-6 month or a year because we don't know the politics format and the real power distribution also the policy that they're fighting for.
The polar of the FDI may change, its hard to predict. We compare Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In Singapore, they are offering high technology. In Indonesia, they are offering land which that its price are low. In Malaysia, it should be offering service like opportunity. The people should be motivated and also must learn not only English and Malay but also another foreign language.For example in India, the call service there are very efficient.
In Malaysia another thing that they are lack of is the maintenance attitude. Giving example of the fall apart of the ceiling in most government office. Most company in Malaysia did not give the after-sales service to maintain the product. What they expect is that after they sell or buy it, when it's broken just buy a new one.
To compare with the neighbouring country, exclude the Brunei because the economy is unusual because they depend on the oil only. Giving an example of Vietnam which have a very high discipline because of the communism in their people.
Criticising on the OIC, its just bunch of world leaders giving talk this and that, sign a resolution or something like that but back to the country didn't even do what was finally agreed on. Say there're 4 Middle East leaders gather, even though all four of them are Arabians the have 5 difference thought about everything. They are not unite. Even in the OIC influence is not working for them. Even in the Arab States of the Gulf they are pro-US. They didn't even put their wealth in their own local bank but they ask the Jews to take care of their wealth. How's that.

I think that's about it the talk. It's actually not complete. The talk was for 2 hours and I only manage to listen to them in the last hour.

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