Saturday, 5 April 2008

27 Day - An Afternoon at the PWTC

So today's date is April the 5th. And I was at PWTC. There's Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair at PWTC.
Went the with my uncle and aunty and their 3 children. When I went with my uncle and aunty, so free parking, transportion amd food. But book your own money.
Parked at the DBKL copz its cheaper then PWTC or The Mall. I was greet with a large crowd.
First stop.
This is what it said up there, Mini Konvesyen by PEKOMIK. Then I saw this picture. Eh I know this guy. I've been buying his stuff for the last 2 years. Hey what stuff ha? His so call comic book. Its just nice. His writing has no melodrama.
This is some other part of the convension.
They also make some record about drawing the longest comic.
Then I met Nur Azmi and some other cartoonist.
This is NurAzmi. And both of them below I have no idea but the guy with black shirt's name is Nuri.
This one below I have no idea.
After that went to shop for books. Not really shop coz I ain't got the cash.
This is the so call crowd at the first hall.
This is my uncle and aunty looking at some overated stusff in learning how to read, write and count.
This is the overated stuff they're looking at. I delete the brand and stuff. You know for what.
What do I think of it? It's OK. But actually can't wait to go to KL Alternative Book Fair in May.

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