Monday, 7 April 2008

29 Day - A Small Talk with a Cartoonist

I'm very bad with small talk. What to talk about. I don't know you personally bro. I just say hi coz to me you're someone famous that I know and you remember. You do remember right? Whatever. Famous a big word ain't it. NVM let me use the famous.
They are a few things I should actually explain. Don't repeat what I said or wrote to you 2 years back. Come one two years back? It doesn't correlate with now. Totally different.
I'll read the book again and I review it k. A review from a reader that doesn't know anything about any literature. Bad at languages and even speech and also speak plus writing and handwriting. I have problem forming a full sentence sometime orally I mean. I jumbled up sentences, even proverbs also orally I mean. Not that I'm mad just the capital SHY.
You asked about do I think the book relate to your life? I don't even know you. How should I comment on that.
Have you heard of if a women have a tough life. She would be a successful writer. And probably her book is about her.
Ok its probably about you. Did you made a statement on that? A writer may make a statement that his or her masterpiece is about his or her life or based on his or her life. Any way if you remember, the front cover of the book even said that it was based on the writer's life. Based not your life k.
Then why Mambo? Hmm. I wonder why?
It was light and no telenovella. Previously the person in charge from the AL-AMEEN SERVE HOLDINGS SDN. BHD. why not buy from Aie. Aie's works are basically typically him. So I was into his works when I was in secondary school. Teenage stuff. Not that his works is about teenage its just that too melodramatic I guess. But I'll give it a try later I think. Just for the sake of comparing.
Then another small talk about where I'm from.
I'm a shy person to actually have this conversation. LOL. Yes I'm a shy person.
Overall the cartoonist was ok. He said that he's shy. I just take it as it is. I don't really care much. Remember the phrase from Italian Job, Stella quoted "I trust everyone. It's the devil inside them I don't trust." I think that quote doesnt suit me at all. LOL.
To me I accept everyone as it is. I try not to judge. If something else new about this person I knew I just add to the list. I think I repeat this sh*t so many time. LOL
I only wants his autograph for his works then as an extra bonus, I even receive a free caricature from him for being a very supportive fan. Yeay... LOL.
This my book getting ready to get autograph.

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