Sunday, 6 April 2008

28 Day - Death Sentence

Above are the posters for Death Sentence

Currently watching this Kevin Bacon film. The time is 13.31 and I almost cried. Can't wait to see what's coming.
Now, after I fast forward it to 1hr, 36mins, 38secs I feel when this "muatturun" gonna finish.
Today's date is April the 6th, 5PM. And I want to continue the "muatturun" process. Guess what? Last night when I switch of the computer it reset the timer and now I have to redo all over again. Damn.
NVM. Already watch till the end. Wanna watch it all over again. at least he have someone to live for.
Enough said about this film. It's gotta watch it. It have a story, a so call value, not just the action stuff. Sad that this film does not get through the Malaysian gov same goes to Kill Bill.

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